Community Support & Sponsorships

At Hughes Bros Construction LTD we are proud to sponsor many different organisations. We support many local sports clubs and local charities. We always try to help out and put something back into the community where we can.

Due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic we understand what impact it has had on Hughes Bros Construction as a company during 2020 so have always thought about local sports clubs and Charities and how much they must of suffered, so we have again provided support to the following clubs and Charities

Red Sky Foundation.

We have supported this Foundation in September 2021 to try and help them achieve continued support for sick Children and Babies with Heart problems here in the North East of England. They are a fantastic foundation set up here in the North East by Sergio Petrucci and his family after suffering their own problems. Listening to him and how much time and effort he puts into the foundation is the reason why we have supported him this Year.

Sergio, the founder of Red Sky Foundation said that our donation and support will “help fund the vital piece of equipment we’re processing for the Neonatal ward, so cardiologists can give babies there the very best treatment” “without support like yours we simply couldn’t do the things we do to help save peoples broken hearts”

We would like to wish Red Sky Foundation good luck in any future fund raising.

The Africa Trust

Through our water company AquAid, Hughes Bros are helping save the lives of some of the worlds poorest children by donating to the Africa Trust. The Africa Trust helps to provide sustainable solutions to poverty.